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Vacation Club - "Daydream" 7"

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First time I saw Vacation Club, they played in Chicago on like a Wednesday. I came out because I had heard the recording of Daydream on their website, and thought the song had a a great Strange Boys meets Velvet Underground vibe, so I wanted to check them out. As it turned out, I was one of about 5 people that wasn't in the other band on the bill that showed up. But that didn't stop these kids from Indianapolis from rocking the show anyhow. They rocked so hard a forty five year old native american woman who just came to the bar for the beer, not the rock, almost lost her shit. She started dancing, knocking into people, spilling drinks, and eventually stuffed a crisp twenty dollar into the pants of each member of the band. Real talk. If you inspire someone in a crowd of 10 people on a Wednesday to stuff twenties into your underwear, you're doing something right. (And in case you were wondering, yes, we all ended up going to her apartment after the show and smoking weed)

Vacation Club are four young roughs with tendencies to burn bridges and bend light. Purveyors of weekend sexuality and punk ritual. Their psychedelia has nothing to do with hippies or flowers or LSD, thank God. Naw man, they're taking peyote in the basement with the someone's daughter setting things on fire. They're chasing a light through a tunnel only to end up emerging from the other end soaking wet and reborn. They're in the middle of an Indiana cornfield dancing naked with a tribe of virgins offering sacrifices to the gods of rock 'n' roll. This is a seriously potent record, containing two choice slices of rock n roll that melt your brain as much as they shake your ass. These kids are the real deal, so get with it before its gone.

The first 100 orders have black labels signed in silver ink by Randy HIMSELF!!! This limited edition is available through this website ONLY!