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Uh Bones - Honey Coma LP

by Uh Bones


In Chicago, the kids are falling in love with rock n roll all over again. They insist on only THEE BEST bands playing THEE WILDEST parties, and every day of every week Chicago refuses to let them down! Out of towners are BLOWN AWAY by the sheer number of GREAT bands, and by the DEDICATION of our fine citizens to drinking all the beer, kissing all the babes, and worshipping at the altar of the ALMIGHTY PARTY until the sun comes up. And at the forefront of this new wave of Chicago rock n roll is the most RIGHTEOUS, the most RADICAL, UH BONES(!!!), who are truly an unstoppable force. They suck the air out of every party and every show and blow them wide open with an onslaught of UNRELENTING, MENACING, MIND-MELTING ROCK N ROLL! Imagine if the Kinks had fallen in love with the Velvet Underground in the late sixties, and started writing songs celebrating the joys of being EVIL, and you’ll get a sense of how Uh Bones sounds. They are similar to some modern psych bands (in particular Apache Dropout and White Fence) but while a lot of those hippies are busy making music that pairs well with smoking weed and not harshing anyone’s vibe, Uh Bones is laying down HEAVY GROOVES that beg you to “SHAKE YOUR BUTT” (as written in duct tape on the back of front man Luke Trimble’s guitar), with a KILLER rhythm section, SCREAMING guitar, and a GODDAMN REAL LIFE HAMMOND ORGAN helping to hold it all down. Something big IS happening in Chicago, and if you are interesting in finding out what it is, HONEY COMA is the place to start. So steal, rob, cheat, lie, do whatever it takes to get your grubby little mitts all over this truly amazing LP!!!

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