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The Yolks - "Kings of Awesome!" LP

by The Yolks


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BEHOLD!!! After a long wait of five years since their debut LP was released to universal praise, capturing the hearts of rock n rollers across America and the globe, The Yolks have FINALLY released their 2nd LP, “KINGS OF AWESOME!” on the what is arguably the greatest rock n roll record label of all time, RANDY RECORDS!!! And what have The Yolks been doing in the time since their debut? Well, dummy, they’ve been in Nathan’s garage writing kickass songs, playing the wildest parties you could ever imagine, drinking all of the beer, making out with all the babes, and further cementing their place as Chicago’s premiere promoters of irreverent behavior, radical times, and truly righteous rock n roll!

As anyone who has been fortunate enough to witness The Yolks live can tell you, the typical Yolks set is divided into two distinct halves. In the first half, Nathan plays guitar, Spencer plays bass, and they serve up a healthy serving of the garage pop/punk rock tunes we have all come to expect since their debut EP “Introducing The Yolks” came out in 2007. The plan is simple: write simple, catchy rock n roll songs with well thought out lyrics that are at the same time clever and sincere.
Side A of this LP is a collection of songs from this half of the Yolks set, with a strong dose of Ramones slow jamz, a dash of Everly Brothers harmonies, and the pop sensibilities of some of the best current rock n rollers like Nobunny and The Memories to boot.

For the second half of their live set, The Yolks completely shift gear. Nathan moves to organ, Spencer to guitar, and The Yolks become the best rhythm and blues/soul/frat rock band you will probably ever see. This set is full of blues progressions, cover songs, instrumentals – anything that will turn the party out. You get a taste of this on side B of the LP, with two Hammond organ driven instrumentals ala Booker T and the MGs, as well as a recording of their truly killer version of Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say” that has never failed to absolutely lay waste to all those who have witnessed it live. This is the side of the platter that will be inspiring people to dance, spill their beer, and makeout with each other at parties across the world in the coming months.

Standing alone, either of these two facets of The Yolks would be amazing. Taken together, the dual nature of The Yolks makes them truly incredible and set them apart any of the other band currently playing rock n roll. So do yourself a favor, buy this LP, put it on your turntable, and listen to the sweet, sweet rock n roll as it pours out of your speakers, so that you may come to understand deeply within your soul why The Yolks truly are THE KINGS OF AWESOME!!!

The first 50 orders received at Randy Records and Randy Records ONLY will receive a copy of this fine rock n roll platter on really cool white vinyl. Only 100 were pressed on white vinyl!!! (The Yolks have the other 50) They really look great, so DON'T SLEEP!!!!!

Cover art by Stephen Monkemeier
Mastered by Patrick Haight
Luke Trimble sang the backups on True Love
Everything else was all Yolks.