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The Memories - Home Style LP

by The Memories


“Home Style” exists in the borderlands between the night and the dawn, under a violet sky, after a few too many bong hits, a few too many beers, stumbling home in the cool silence between too late and too early, and there you are, hand in hand with a beautiful babe who somehow found you, our did you find them? and when you look over and see them looking back into your eyes you are overwhelmed with waves of warmth of new love, and endless possibilities. So at your door you pause before you put your key in the lock, hesitant to move forward towards the light of the morning, where the sober reality of tomorrow awaits, and let time slow to a crawl so you can linger on this feeling for just a moment longer before it fades away forever… The Memories are able to capture the magic of being young, dumb and in love better than anyone else, through an unapologetic sincerity that is found in all of their songs. Some songs are funny, sometimes are serious, but they always come from the heart, and that what makes them so great. This album is The Memories most folky and mellow album to date, with 17(!) back to back hits, each as good as the one before. So after you put this album on your turntable, twist one up on the cover, and enjoy the ride as you slip deep into the chillest zone you have ever been.

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