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Cut Worms - Don't Want To Say Good-bye 7"


Cut Worms is the brainchild of Max Clarke, one-time guitarist of one of the undisputed champs of the Chicago rock n roll scene, The Sueves. But with this largely solo project, Max has split from the angular aggression of his previous band, pursuing a much more mellow, introspective sound. Listening to the a-side “Don’t Want To Say Good-bye,” the most obvious point of reference is the Everly Brothers, considering not only the vocal harmonies found throughout the song, but also by the country music influence along its edges. However, whereas the Everly Brothers were essentially writing pop songs, Max is writing lyrics that are much more nuanced, more in the vein of folk singers like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. The first time I listened to the Cut Worms recordings I had woken up way too early with a terrible hangover. I listened to them half asleep, nerves shot, just feeling raw, and the emotion of the b-side “Like Going Down Sideways” completely overwhelmed me. Even after listening to the song hundreds of times, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it’s about. Each new line doesn’t really connect to the one before it. It is a story with no arc, no beginning, and no resolution. But when one pulls back and takes the song as a whole, the parts all fall together to evoke a distinct but nonetheless fleeting feeling – a bittersweet celebration of longing, love and loneliness. These are very incredibly beautiful, ambitious and instantly timeless songs, and we here at Randy couldn’t be more excited to be releasing Cut Worms’ vinyl debut

Sounds like: Everly Brothers, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Dutchess and the Duke, Jim Croce

Limited pressing of 300 records on black wax. First 100 orders receive a limited edition copy, with blank black labels signed in a blinging-ass silver pen by RANDY REXINGTON HIMSELF!!! WOW!!! You're gonna get so many girls/dudes if you get one of those!!! WOW!!!!!