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Any 5 7"s for only $25 postage paid!

by The Yolks , Vacation Club , Teenage Lovers , Dead Ghosts , and Cut Worms ,


Yep, you can buy any five 7"s from Randy Records for $25 and pay no additional postage! Only rule is you cannot buy more than one of any record.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: After you log into your paypal account and BEFORE you click on the "Pay Now" button, PLEASE click on "Add special instructions to seller" and list the records you would like to buy. Or you can just email randyrecs@gmail.com after you pay with your order. Thanks, champ!

Also, feel free to add this to any LP order. Just make sure you follow the above IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS and I'll make it happen.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS! PLEASE EMAIL randyrecs@gmail.com with your order and I will send you a quote! THANKS!!!

Also, if you want to buy more than five 7"s, just paypal randyrecs@gmail.com $20 plus $4 for each additional 7". Make sure you list the records you want, and you still can't order any single record twice! Thanks again, champ!